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About the Instructor:

Carolyn Clark Kurek , AIFD  CFD has been involved in the floral  industry for over 30 years.  An award winning designer, Carolyn is experienced in all aspects of the floral industry.  Carolyn was an instructor for the Indianapolis Floral Design School for 4 years and has taught numerous classes in floral design with IUPUI.  Carolyn has been a guest lecturer and program presenter for a variety of clubs and organizations.  She has also coordinated displays and stage presentations for the general public.

Carolyn Kurek

Having mentored several designers and shop owners into successful careers, Carolyn realized her true passion in the floral industry was sharing her knowledge and experiences.  Looking to the future of the floral industry, Carolyn recognized the need to properly train future floral designers for an exciting and creative career.  With the establishment of the C2K Floral Design School, Carolyn can pursue that passion.

Many people ask how the name C2K came about, Carolyn is happy to share the story, “The C2K Floral Design School is named in memory of my late husband.  When we married he posed the question of what I would use for my last name.  Having already established my career as Carolyn Clark, he wondered if I would change it to Carolyn Kurek.  When I told him I wanted my name to be Carolyn Clark Kurek, he smiled and immediately dubbed me C2K, and it stuck.  He also was very supportive of my career recognizing that my passion for floral design was as strong as his passion for his career in Chemistry.  He also was a college professor and understood the value of sharing your knowledge and experiences with students eager to learn a profession.  So I honor him, in a multitude of ways, by choosing the name C2K Floral Design School.”

  Carolyn has been an accredited member of  the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) since 1999.  She is also a certified Floral Designers (CFD), a designation through AIFD.  Carolyn currently serves as a board member for the North Central Chapter  of AIFD.

Continuing her own education, Carolyn attends AIFD’s annual symposium, workshops offered by the world’s leading designers and participates in industry events.