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Complete Master Course – Professional Floral Design: 60 hours

Cost of tuition is $2,300 and covers all materials and supplies necessary to complete the course.  Each student will be given a set of professional design tools that include a design knife, bunch cutters, wire cutters and scissors.

Students will also create individual portfolios of their work to document their progress and efficiency.  Cost for portfolio is also included in the cost of tuition.

There is a $95, non-refundable registration fee in addition to the cost of tuition.

Total cost is $2395.00.

Registration fee must accompany the completed application form.  Tuition is due, in full, prior to the start of the first class.

The Professional Floral Design Course is also offered as three separate segments:

1. Beginning Floral Design – 20 hours –  $800 + $95

2. Funeral Designs & Sympathy Tributes – 20 hours – $800 +$95

3.Wedding Designs – 20 hours – $800 +$95

These courses are 1 week,  20 hours long and are scheduled throughout the year.

Note: If you register for all three courses at the same time, only one registration fee will be charged.



Advanced Wedding – 2 day class – $500 plus $50 registration fee

Advanced Design Techniques – 2 day class – $500 plus $50 registration fee

Shop Management – 1 day class – $150.00 – no registration fee

Holiday Designs / Permanent – 2 day class – $200 plus $50 registration fee

Props / Displays – 1 day class – $200 plus $50 registration fee

Body Flowers – 1 day class – $200 plus $50 registration fee


A Student is entitled to a full refund if one (1) or more of the following criteria are met.

  • The student cancels the enrollment agreement or enrollment application within six (6) business days after signing.
  • The student does not meet the postsecondary proprietary educational institution’s minimum admission requirements.
  • The student’s enrollment was procured as a result of a misrepresentation in the written materials utilized by the proprietary educational institution.
  • If the student has not visited the educational institution prior to enrollment, and, upon touring the institution or attending the regularly scheduled orientation classes, the student withdrew from the program within three (3) days.

A student withdrawing from a course is entitled to a pro-rata refund based upon the number of days less an application/enrollment fee of ten percent (10%) of the total tuition, not to exceed one hundred dollars ($100).

The refund will be made within thirty-one (31) days of the student’s request for cancellation or withdrawal.

This refund policy is pursuant the Indiana commission on proprietary educations uniform refund policy.

To make payment go to Registration Page-